About Us

It’s all about the kids

todokids is a family-oriented community committed to creating an environment for kids to grow into self-reliant, resilient, benevolent and happy members of society.

Our history

Six years ago Jodi McAlary was frustrated with the hit-and-miss procedure she had to go through to find activities for kids in her home town of Port Macquarie. So she created todokids as a website directory of local activities for families.

What started out as a community service became a sophisticated and powerful statewide website, and has grown to serve families all across Australia.

Three years later Jodi handed the baton to Andrew McLaren. The last three years have seen a boom in similar sites that have followed Jodi’s example, but none can match Jodi’s  vision and passion that infused her dream.

Our Purpose

The time has come to lead the way again.

The aim of todokids is to ensure that every Australian family has all the information they need to provide the best possible growing environment for their kids. We have done this by creating a complete one-stop child and family website.

Our Service

The core is still our activities and we receive tens of thousands of visits a month locally and from overseas.

We  have an active Facebook community where we post parenting tips, fun Australiana gifs and photos, and promote events and activities of our todokids Providers.

It is also a forum for community members to chat. Here it is.

Our Future

From 2018 we have added a service of parenting expertise and and child raising.

Many interesting, informative and entertaining articles are published in our blog. We invite submissions from all sources.

We will also be broadcasting webinars and live videos.


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