Diamond Martial Arts

7 Ellswick street , Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

Our Programs & Classes

Little Dragons

Our Little Dragons Program is a specific class for children aged 3 to 7. The classes help to develop gross motor skills , coordination, confidence, respect and discipline in a fun friendly and rewarding atmosphere.

We have seen 3 year olds enroll in this program, that didn’t want to leave mum and dads side to get on the mat to train, who now not only attend class, but will participate in our graduation ceremony’s and do a demo in front of 100 people.

Within the program the students learn a new life skill each month, last month we learnt all about fire safety, and this month we are learning about first aid.


Kid Kick

ages 8 to 13 this is a class format that develops co ordination and fitness, martial arts skills both self defence and possible Taekwondo competition with a strong emphasis on character building.

Seniors Martial Arts

This Taekwondo based class has more emphasis on getting you in shape, relieving stress, teaching effective self defence strikes and kicks, and all in a safe encouraging environement.

Traditional Martial Arts TKD All Ages All Belts

This is a great class that the whole family can join in! All ages and all belts means Mum, Dad and the kids can all train together – Mum and Dad – get off the sidelines, stop watching & Jump in!

Taekwondo Tournament Training

This class is for the 8 to 30 year old or those young at heart. It’s fast paced action and emphasis on the dynamic sports application of taekwondo make it perfect for the youth looking for excitement whilst still developing character especially leadership qualities.

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