Junior Oz Tag – Newcastle

Boreas Road , Smith ParkHamilton NSW 2303

OZTAG is a non-tackling game and the rules are designed to encourage this. Passing, catching, tagging, evasive and kicking are the skills utilised in OZTAG. It is played over two 20 minutes periods with eight players from each team on the field – 70m x 50m (half a soccer/Rugby field).

The object of the game is to score tries. Defenders prevent this by tagging the ball carrier (removing the tag from the shorts). Players must wear official ‘OZTAG shorts’ with a velcro patch on each side and a ‘tag’ (a strip of cloth is attached to the Velcro) – supplied at the venue.

Tagging instead of tackling is great for players of all skill levels, size and weight to compete evenly. To clarify the contact rule: an attacker cannot run straight at a defender, it is their responsibility to run at gaps and avoid defenders. A defender cannot change direction and moving the attackers path. Also if a defender causes an inordinate amount of contact when removing the tag, they may be penalised. The rule is whoever initiates contact will be sanctioned.

OZTAG is a fast paced exciting sport that can be enjoyed by male, female and mixed teams of all athletic abilities from the ages of 6 – 60. Oztag competitions are currently run in midweek after school/work in both summer and winter. Many friends, family and work colleagues form teams primarily for fun and fitness. The attraction of Oztag is that there is no training, no volunteer duties and team coaches aren’t required.

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