Laser Skirmish Combat for 10

Glengary, Milton St and Meeowera Rd , We have Sites at Pennant Hills, Appin, Winston Hills and North TurramurraNorth Turramurra NSW 2074

Get ready to try laser skirmish as you watch your target in the cross hairs of your telescopic sniper rifle.


A beginners session will have the following missions or we can design missions to suit you. For example we have done a sci-fi theme, and a WWII day. Just ask us and we can make it happen for you.

  • Death Match – Eliminate the other team. In this mission each team gets unlimited replacements/re-spawns . Replacements are taken from your base and everyone gets 8 hit points (hits they can take before they must go back and get a replacement). The mission is over after 25-30 minutes, the team that has taken the least replacements wins. This mission is great warm-up because every player, plays the whole mission and its very forgiving of mistakes.
  • Base Assault – This mission is played twice because one team is the attacker and one team is the defender, so we want each team to try both positions. This mission is to have the nearest survivor to the flag after 25-30 minutes. The attackers will generally get more replacements, than the defenders. Each team will have between 5 and 8 hit points. Usually the defenders also get 1 or more claymore mines!

The price includes the latest technology Laser Skirmish weapons (50-150 metres range, configurable to semi-automatic, fully-automatic), professional referees, full camouflage outfit and ammunition – minimum 270 rounds per mission.

Each session runs multiple missions. Most sessions will consist of approximately 3 missions. If missions end quickly, that is, the battle objective is reached early (eg. capture base & overthrow opposing team quickly etc) another mission will be conducted.

Players Under 21 – 55$ for the Standard 3 hour sessions. Players 21+ – 75$ for the Standard 3 hour sessions. Age Appropriateness – 10yrs – 80yrs+

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