School Holiday Drama Workshop

Stanley Street , Concord NSW 2140

Spring Holiday Drama Workshops:
Monday 29th September – Friday 3rd October 2014

Junior Drama Workshop – 5-8 years
Up, Up and Away
Children are taken up, up and away on a super heroic adventure.  It will be a Super Fantastic week as children develop their own unique superheros with special super powers. Maybe we will have a Super Barbie! Or a Super Powered Ninja!!  We will let children’s imaginations run wild this week and come up with a Super Duper Show for family and friends.

Senior Drama Workshop -9-14 years
Once Upon a Time….

Th popular movie Maleficent uses the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty as a spring board for its characters and story line!!! So why can’t we!! Through improvisation and role play students will explore fairy tales to create their own unique story for performance at the end of the week.

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