Tamworth Adventure Playground

Brisbane Street , At Marsupial ParkTamworth NSW 2340

The Tamworth Adventure Playground will be a new feature for the Marsupial Park and will be native animal themed.
Two distinct age-appropriate areas will make up the playground design. The toddler area will be designed for walking age to 5. The older children’s area will be designed for ages 5 to 12.
The site in Marsupial Park is approximately 2500 metres square, which will allow for an extensive and exciting network of play areas.
The components of the playground will be designed with integrated fine-motor skill play as well as gross-motor skill play and imaginative play firmly in mind. The playground can also be designed to be fully accessible to those with disabilities.

Help to make this playground a reality

You can help fundraising efforts by purchasing a personalised brick, paver or picket that will become part of the playground forever.

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