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Our “Ducklings” program for babies lasts for a year. This early development stage is key for water familiarisation and building confidence as they grow physically and change mentally. During the Ducklings program you will get to enjoy seeing your baby swim on the surface and underwater, learn some lifesaving skills, enjoy chasing toys around the pool, swim with noodles, swim and float on their backs , learn to kick their legs, paddle their arms and blow bubbles along with singing some of their favourite nursery rhymes. Submersion is one of the key skills your baby will learn and it is important to understand and learn when, and not this should be done. Your little fledgling then ventures into toddlerhood and commences our exciting “Ducks” program. With the Ducks toddler program we have included activities that will help them to build on their swimming technique. We focus on body positioning, introduction to stroke technique, encouraging toddlers to put their face underwater on their own, blowing bubbles underwater, independent swimming on noodles by themselves and of course teaching these little monkeys how to be safe in the water! We work on getting them to a point where they can swim independently and as close to the surface of the water as they approach 3 years of age. Lessons run for 30 minutes which, given our pools are comfortably heated, is ample time for a little one. The pools are all shallow, no more than 1.2m in depth so if the carer is small or cannot swim, this is not a problem. Our teachers all have valid CPR qualifications. All babies will be allocated to classes depending on their experience and age. Please contact us to discuss your baby and suitable lesson times.

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