Ring Toss

Requirments: Paper plates, cardboard tube, sticky tape, scissors, paint, paint brushes. Instructions: Make a base with an upside down plate and attach tube with sticky tape. Cut out the middles of several paper plates. Decorate. Play!!! SOURCE:

Make Your Own Beach Souvenirs

Requirements: Shells you have collected at the beach, wire, a little drill. Instructions: Collect shells. drill a tiny hole at the tip. twist wire through and make pretty designs for the handle. SOURCE:

Create your own colourful garden!

Requirements: paper cups, paint, paintbrush, jiffy soil pellets, lemon balm seeds. Instructions: Paint your paper cups – pop some holes in the bottom for the water to drain out Add your soil jiffy pellet Plant your lemon balm seeds and add water Pop in a sunny spot Watch your plant grow Sprinkle the leaves on […]

Tugging Box

Requirements: Cardboard box, various lengths of ribbon, strips of felt and/or pipe cleaners, sticky tape, pencil, paint (optional). Instructions: Poke holes through a box and paint. Thread one piece of ribbon/cord/pipe cleaner through two holes (to achieve cause and effect). Repeat all over the box. Seal the box. The creator of this DIY Tugging Box […]

Ball Run

Requirements: A great attitude! You certainly can’t be precious about your walls for this one! You will need: small balls such as marbles, tubes (toilet paper, foil, wrapping paper), train track pieces, masking tape, funnels, boxes, containers, a bell (if you like to end with a bang!). Instructions: Start from the top and using the […]

Make a Glitter Globe!

Requirements: jar, glitter, glycerol, water, ornaments/pictures of your choice. Instructions: Fill your jar with water to about ¾ full. Add 1-2 tablespoons of glycerol. The glycerol adds density to the water. You can buy it at the pharmacy. Add something special to your globe – a photo or drawing. Use packing tape or sticky tape […]

Create a secret map and find the treasure!

Requirements: paper, tea bag, markers. Instructions: Tear the edges of your paper. Scrunch the paper up tightly in your hands. Mum or Dad makes a cup of tea. Squeeze the cold tea bag onto the paper and use the tea bag as a brush to spread the tea over your map. When it is dry, […]

Chinese New Year Dragon Puppet

Requirements: paper cups, straw, glue, streamers, string. Instructions: 1. Decorate the paper cups and pop a hole in the base of each cup. 2. Begin threading the twine. 3. Thread the cups together, alternating with a piece of straw, to space the cups. 4. Glue strips of streamers to the cups. 5. Print out a […]

Bee Blaster

Requirements: 2 paper cups, balloon, scissors, small wooden peg, paint or pens to decorate

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