3 easy craft ideas for parents that hate craft

I am fully qualified to write this post because, well, I hate craft. I have no patience for it and I hate the mess. I do however, understand the importance of craft in developing such qualities as fine motor skills, creativity, imagination, concentration, cognitive development and the list goes on… Body Tracing Requirements: a roll […]

Paper bowl jelly fish

Easy, peasy! Requirements: Paper bowls, paint, sticky tape/glue, scissors, eyes, ribbon, fishing line. Instructions: Paint bowls. Cut up and attach ribbons to inside of bowl. Stick eyes on underside of bowls. Attach fishing line to top of bowls to hang.   Source:

Heart mosaic

Requirements: red foam sheet, red and blue foam tiles cut into small squares (pre-cut optional), pencils, scissors, glue. Instructions: Draw a heart on the back side on the red foam sheet and cut it out. Take the (pre-cut) foam tiles and place the blue foam tiles on the outer edge of the foam heart. We […]

Paddlepop box – an oldie but a goodie!

Requirements: paddlepop sticks, wood glue, paint, paint brushes. Instructions: Paint the paddlepop sticks. Make the sides first by building the box 2 opposite sides at a time. Make the bottom by gluing paddlepop sticks side by side and make a lid too if you like!   Source:

Paper chains

Requirements: Old cards (birthday or christmas) or colour coordinated card board of your choice, scissors, stapler. Instructions: Cut up the old cards or card board in to long strips. About 3cm wide. Connect the ends and secure with staple. Thread the following through each previous loop and secure with staple. Continue until you have desired […]

Leaf Rubbing and Toe Caterpillars

Requirements: A leaf, paper, crayon, glue, scissors, paint, texta and cute toes! Instructions: Find a leaf, place it under a sheet of paper and scibble with crayon over the top of it. This will make the leaf pattern appear. Cut around the leaf and set aside. Paint some toes and press the imprint on another […]

Flat People

Requirements: Toilet paper or paper towel rolls, card/paper, textas, scissors. Instructions: Create the bases by cutting rolls in to 3cm sections and create slits on opposite sides. Create different size paper ‘window arches’ appropriate for the tall people and smaller ones for kids, pets, babies. Make sure the base is wide enough so it will […]

Cubby House Kit

This is not so much a craft activity for the kids, but a great birthday present, especially for boys. It just had to be included in this collection. Requirements: 2 flat sheets, clamps, rope, torch, glow sticks, felt, material for making the bag (or buy one), card board and a self created label to attach. […]

Basic Science Experiment

Requirements: Jars, white flowers (chrysanthemums, gerberas or carnations) and various food dye. Instructions: Fill up jars with water and food dye. Sit the flowers in the water. They will start to change colour after about an hour but best results occur over night. Don’t forget to discuss what is happening and why! Source: (an […]

Shoe Lace Practice

Requirements: Thick card board from an old box, pair of shoe laces, marker pen. Source:

Home Made Chalk

Requirements: Moulds of any sort, 1 cup of corn flour, 1 cup of water, colouring such as food dye or washable paint. Instructions: Combine 1 cup of corn flour with 1 cup of water and mix in a colouring agent of your choice. Either paint or food dye – paint is easier to wash off […]

Paint on Foil

Requirements: Foil, paint, paint brushes, dishwashing liquid. Instructions: This is pretty self explanatory but one hint: add dishwashing liquid to the paint. It will help the paint stick to the foil with out flaking off when dry. Source:

Literacy on Spoons

Requirements: Large white spoons, large clear spoons, 2 coloured marker pens. Instructions: Write capital letters on white spoons in the top half. Using a different colour, write lower case letters on clear spoons on the bottom half. Give to children to match the lower case and upper case letters. Assist, encourage and praise 🙂 Source: […]

‘3D’ Hands

Requirements: Pens/textas, pencil, paper, a hand! These are so clever and tricky. Teach your kids about optical illusions by making these simple ‘3D’ hand prints. Instructions: Trace around a hand with fine pencil. Start at the wrist section and draw a horizontal line but when it gets to the fine pencil tracing, draw a small […]

Home Made Paint

Requirements: 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of water and food colouring. Mix to your preferred consistency and colour choice!

Egg Decorating

Requirments: Hard boiled eggs, food for dye, plants with fine leaves, stockings, bowls, vinegar and TIME! Instructions: Boil the eggs and set them aside. Prepare the dyes. 1 red cabbage, chopped into two-inch chunks. Add just enough water to cover the cabbage. This will give you BLUE. 2 to 3 red beetroots unpeeled and cut […]


Requirements: smooth rocks, crayons (paper removed), oven, work board. Instructions: Collect smooth rocks and clean them. Put them in an oven at 180 degrees for 15 – 20 minutes. Using heat proof gloves, take them out and place them on an appropriate work board (one that is heat proof and one you won’t be worried […]

Compass Painting

Requirements: water colour paint, paper, paint brush, compass, masking tape. Instructions: Use some masking tape to secure the paint brush to the compass so it doesn’t move around. Use plenty of paint and water on the brush. Place the compass on the paper and create a circle. Be sure to adjust the compass to make […]

Paper Mache Bowls

Requirements: flour, water, salt, a bowl to use as a “form”, plastic wrap & tape, newspaper cut into strips, paint brush, acrylic craft paint, craft varnish. Instructions: Cover a bowl in plastic wrap so you can remove your new bowl at the end. Make a paste with 1 cup of flour and about 1 cup […]

Ring Toss

Requirments: Paper plates, cardboard tube, sticky tape, scissors, paint, paint brushes. Instructions: Make a base with an upside down plate and attach tube with sticky tape. Cut out the middles of several paper plates. Decorate. Play!!! SOURCE:

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